Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hi all friends and loved ones out there, a very blessed christmas to you all.

Hi Judy, miss u too. No worries ok, i am still one piece ;p Glad to see u on webcam yesterday. Wow your hair really grows very fast and long now.

Hvn't been updating my blog for quite sometime. Have been rather busy settling down and going for interviews. Catching up with families and friends. And spending time w dear and toby before i start working.

And yes i am now working. This is my 2nd week. Its a toil for now hee ;p as hasn't been wkg for last 1 year. Struggle with getting up at 7am hee. And by mid day i will be feeling sleepy. Hee at night i hv to sleep by 9pm. But as days pass, my body is slowly adjusting to it hee.

So don't worry for me ok. I will update my post whenever possible.

Meanwhile, u all take care esp judy. Miss u too. You are always on my mind.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Sky Is Gloomy

Yes today the sky is gloomy so am i. I am at the cross roads of what i want to do in life. It may be a simple path for some, but it seems so hard to me.

Really pray that God will grant me peace and wisdom to make a right decision. Knowing myself and seeking what i like..

Will press on

Friday, November 7, 2008

Mr Flu came and visit me

Yes Mr Flu decided to pay me a visit and stay over at my place ;( Of all visitors, i dread to see Mr Flu most as he is very messy. Tissues all around. Aiyo. How can i get flu in such a hot weather??? Hmm guess i wear no enough haha.

Ok later go see Mr Doc, the housekeeper, must schedule an appmt to clean up the hse.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Its Thu

So fast its Thu! Hmm is it considered slow or fast lei???

Last night, had a wives' dinner. Met up with 2 of dear dear's colleagues' wives. Chit chat and shared abt each hubby's unique characteristics. Hee interesting ;p

Today basically will stay at home to do hsehold chores. Oh ya while dear dear was here in s'pore, he discovered that our laptop actually has this cute photo taking features. It was so cute and we has such a gd laugh....haha..It will recognise our faces and insert the so cute..whenever i miss dear dear, i will look at these pics and they will give me a gd laugh ;p

"This is my cheeky hubby!!" - Each time i look at this, i will laugh and laugh"

"Hmm let's comb our moustaches" - My fav pic!!!

Black Eyes

"So angry"

"Hee the stupid thieves!!"

"Vote for independence"

"Hello, can i help you"

"Yo yo, hey man"

"Hello ah gong, ah ma"

"Let's go for a spin!!"
Very cute right! I tried to bring toby into the pic but hee cannot recognise his face..ok its only for humans...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Compass Point

Yes, yesterday I went to compass point walk walk. So many things hv changed. The kopitiam is revamped and there are many new shops. Nice experience. And i met my cousin there! Didn't know that he is abv 40s now. Time really flies. It was a good catch up and i didn't know that he has shifted to sengkang since 2 yrs back!!

At night, went out dinner with sis and kenny. These 2 days hv been with them. Very nice of them to ask me to join them for dinner.

My mum asked me to go JB this wkend with her to visit my auntie...hmm still considering as many told me that it is not safe. But mum assured me that it will be fine as uncle will be picking us from the customs. Hmm let me think....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I am fine ;)

Hi, long time no update my blog and my friend is worried. I saw your email girl. I am fine. No worries ok. Thanks for your concern. Now i am back in s'pore for good (dear dear not yet). Last 2 weeks hv been busy unpacking and spending time with families and toby.

Personally i enjoyed every moment with dear dear and toby. Finally we are united as a family ;) He is closer to us than ever. Initially, he needs housebreaking but now is fine.

This 1 yr in states has brought valuable experiences to us. We are really very thkful for God who has been overwatching us. Thkful for the friends made. Thkful for everything, every lesson of life.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Snow showers on Sunday!

Yup, i did not type wrongly, it is expected to hv snow showers on sunday in the midst of autumn!! Didn't catch why is it so but its a one-off occasion. Nice to see snow again. Hmm hopefully it snows here lah, as our plc has lower snow.